Why do Women Love Jewelries?

From the beginning of time, as far as we can tell, women loved jewelries. They made them themselves out of bones and wood and stones, everything they could turn into a jewelry. They polished them until they shone, giving them beautiful shapes and colors, and wore them with pride, knowing they make them look even more beautiful and attractive.

Even in nature, animals wear “jewelries” – great tails or great feathers, astonishing colors – even animals appreciate beauty. When animals want to draw the attention of a potential lover, they show their colors and their beautiful features, knowing they will impress the one they desire.

Human beings are not different. We also try to impress the ones we want by being more beautiful or special than others. And one way to do that is to wear beautiful and unique jewelries.

Jewelries have an undeniable charm – they glitter in gold and silver and in the colors of their gemstones, they merge with the body and move with it, they make little sweet noises and they are very beautiful.

But there is one more thing – usually, jewelries are bought to a woman by someone who loves her. Women carry the jewelries on their body and tell the world – someone loves me.

Women love to get jewelries from their men. It tells them they’re loved, it tells the world they’re loved and it makes them feel even more beautiful and attractive.

When you buy your woman a jewelry, make sure you buy her a unique one, something special to tell her how special she is, and know that by doing that you make her reconnect with her ancient mothers, reconnect with her inner woman, and you make her feel loved and beautiful.

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