How To Say You’re Sorry?

We all know this story – we did something to someone we love and hurt him. We didn’t mean to hurt him, maybe we didn’t even know it will hurt him, but it did, and now we don’t know how to make it up to him.

So how can we make it up to him? How can we undo what we did? How can we make him trust us again and forgive us?

If we hurt someone bad, there’s no easy way to make him forgive and forget. Showing we really care about his pain is the safest way to do that. Listen to him, say we’re sorry and show him how much he means to us.

A nice way to show we care is a gift with meaning. A gift that shows we know him well, we understand him and want to give him something from our heart to his.

Sometimes sending a bouquet of the flower this person loves the most, with a note that says how much you’re sorry, and explains you do understand how and why you hurt him, can bring the love back.

If you hurt your wife or girlfriend, a piece of jewelry you know she would appreciate that comes with a sincere apology can make her see you really love her and didn’t mean to hurt her.

The most important thing is to be very honest, to say what you really mean, to show your love with your eyes and words and to give her the thing that she really loves. A gift with meaning will show her you’re not just trying to buy her, you’re really trying to show her you love and understand her.

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