Do You Believe In Love? I Do!

Love, the sweetest feeling of butterflies in your stomach and continuous blush on your cheeks. The excitement before the meeting, the longing to meet. The whole world seems perfect, life is great and you just can’t stop smiling. Oh, being in love…

Some of the greatest moments of life are the moments when the one you love tells you he loves you for the first time. Those moments are priceless, they are unforgettable. The heart starts beating fast and a wonderful warm feeling spreads in your stomach. And then the words come. After that, things change and you really start feeling united.

But there are ways to make these moments even more special. I remember the first time a guy I loved told me he loved me. The first time he didn’t use words, he wrote it in a beautiful gift as a song. I still keep that gift, and will probably keep it forever.

Telling the one you love that you love him should be a moment to remember, so you can do it in a special and sweet way. Sending your love a beautiful bouquet of red or white or pink roses, and hiding inside a small note with only three words – I love you – is a perfect way to do that. You can be sure your love will never forget that.

You can put this note inside a box of jewelry with a beautiful necklace or bracelet, but make sure this note sais only three words – I love you – nothing else. This increases the effect and directs all the focus to the meaning of those words.

This moment will be unforgettable.

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